Friday, May 26, 2006

Dear Knitters

I couldn't afford the therapy so I picked up the knitting habit.
Let's blame it all on Stuntmother; I kept seeing her fantastic work over at Two Sharp Sticks. So I picked up some yarn, and have unravelled into a mess of a knitter.

This was three weeks ago. I'm simply hooked.

But enough with the crochet-cliches: as this is my new knitting blog, I'll begin by underlining a wishlist. Because I'm new at this. So, I need stuff.

Addi Turbo Circular Needles
My Own Yarn Stash
(Because I never know where I am at any given moment...) Stitchmarkers
Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham
Begin a cult like The Anticraft*
Needle Holder
and just about any yarn from
The Whole Nine Yarns (my local LYS**)

*(theoretical? yes. but totally within keeping of my character)
**trendy knit speak for 'Local Yarn Shop'. I'm allowed to use these kinds of acronyms because I am a knitter. Most usually, I frown on acronyms, emoticons, or excessive use of any punctuation...except the eclipse. And that, I abuse.


Blogger The Silent K said...

what about this one- when you go to buy yarn, it is called a "stash enhancing eXperience"

You are engaging in knitting SEX.

6:55 AM  
Blogger FRITZ said...

ahh! ha! HA HA HA!

That's horrible. Just awful. Shame on us knasty knitters.

5:17 AM  

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