Monday, May 29, 2006

Dear Knitters

Crisis Situation.

I've ribbed. Yet, I've seeded. Yes, it has all gone to seed. Or something. Because there ARE no ribs. It's just...blahech.

I would take a picture of this hat, but I'm too embarrassed. And how is this one ball supposed to take care of the whole hat? I READ the gauge. I READ the yarn measurements. No-i-did-not-do-a-test-swatch-for-gauge--just hush. Anyway.

I need another job to support my new yarn habit.

(PS: Sweaters scare me; I think I will live by scarves, alone).

This is a rib stitch

This is a moss stitch

And this is my brain on knitting. Any questions?


Blogger Stuntmother said...

Ribs and eggs!

7:57 AM  

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