Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dear Knitters

The hat was frogged. It was frogged because it was jumping around on my needles. I cannot stitch ribs because I haven't the patience to figure it out. I hope, in time, this shall come. I cannot finish said hat because the yarn was not appropriate, even though Guru Knitter at LYS assured me it would be. And so: The hat has become a scarf. It would appear that this will either be a very short scarf or I will have to just go and get another ball of this stuff. I'm having a blast with this scarf, though, because it is of my own imagination. I'm YO'ing, SKSing, and drop stitching to my heart's content. It's random, crazy, and a heck of a blast to make on my new Addi Turbo needles. So, all is not lost, fellow knitwits. All is not lost.
The good news is: In the hat department, I have renewed faith, as I have purchased four skeins of this gorgeous Kuryeon alternative, which shall make TWO hats. Now. I must buckle down and practice rib stitches. I'm good with K1, P1, but not so good when we get into multiples. Much like fourth grade math, I seem to lose attention, and how! Ah, well, the yarn is soft and the colors are beautiful, and I have enough. By the by, my yarn stash moved from one bag to two and half in under a week. This is a problem. A very serious problem.
Do not be dismayed! Progress is being made on the mohair shawl. Yes, it is quite simple: I'm just doing 1 YO on every row and then a garter stitch. However, my excuse for such ease is the fuzziness of mohair. Any pattern would be lost in this fabu fabric. Ah! You can also take a peek at my gift from fellow Stitch N Bitcher. It's that thick and quick wool, easy to practice on and soft as a baby's head. I'll practice ribbing, I think. Yes. Ribbing. That's it.
I am finding that my cat has the same passion for natural fibers as I do--when I asked her about a wool cat harness, though, she simply looked at me askance. Little brat.

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Blogger Regina said...

eaf -- Michael mentioned that a monster had been created. I'll believe it once your yarn leaves the bags and finds a home on shelves in your closet. Welcome to the wonderful world of the fiber addict.
note -- not sure it's cheaper than therapy. it is, however, more fun.

soon-to-be auntie g

8:58 PM  
Blogger FRITZ said...

Hello, Regina!

It is indeed a problem. I am a true monster. Thanks for dropping by--I can't wait to soon be your neice in law E.

And that's from one fiber addict to another.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Stuntmother said...

WOW!!! Everything looks amazing. I love the Noro substitute (and Noro ain't all it's cracked up to be). The drop stitch scarf is wonderful -- and the mohair shawl looks luscious and fuzzy and beautiful.

You're amazing.

8:05 AM  

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