Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear Knitters

Well. It finally happened. The first failed project, sans pictures. I wasn't going to go that low.
I was not going to document my failings in PICTURES.

Remember that Merino Frappe my dear Stuntmother sent me for a gift? Remember how it would make a capelet? A capelet from Stitch N' Bitch Nation? Remember how I wondered if I could do it, being a knewly knitter?

Well, there's good news: I CAN do it.

The bad news: I finished it. And I absolutely hated it. Firstly, it would have fit a three year old. All right, strike that. It would have fit a slender, medium framed woman. Not a size twelve woman with shoulders like a Nebraska farmer. Not a woman who is prideful of her neck muscles, and flexes them with might. Nope. It looked like a doily collar on me.

(sigh). I'm putting this wondeful Merino Frappe away. I am disgraced and ashamed. I don't know what to do with it. I hope Stuntmother will forgive me. After all. She got me into this new passion. Surely, she can't hold it against me too long.

She's just a space diva of knitting.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a surprise for one of my favorite bloggers out there--Spinning Girl. Get ready. It's not all that exciting, but who doesn't like little gifts of yarn? I sure do. Hopefully, she will, too!

Edit: Numerous knitting podcasts have evidenced something of great import:
Knitting snobs exist. And oy, are they ever pervasive.
We need podcasts for new knitters. And we need to incorporate knitters who are POOR. And haven't heard all about this eclectic stuff. And aren't necessarily living and breathing the northeastern blue blood lifestyle.
(I'm allowed to say that--Grandma is a registered Daughter of the Revolution).
Grumble, grumble. This knitter is going back to her plain ol' boring yarn surprise for Spinning Girl. I feel incredibly inadequate.


Blogger Spinning Girl said...


3:16 PM  
Blogger Stuntmother said...

I love that your granny is in the DAR. And I quite agree about podcasts for new knitters and poor knitters. Fibre snobbery is all very well but for real! Sometimes cheap is good.

You want yarn? I will give you yarn. What sort of yarn? What project have you in mind? I will pack yarn off to you.

4:26 AM  
Blogger FRITZ said...

Spinning Girl: Aw, babe! You deserve it, after being so generous and wonderful to me!

Stunts: I'm so glad you didn't take offense to that. I was directing that to SOME of the podcasts, not all. Several of them are simply wonderful. Others make me feel like such a poser (90's slang alert!).
In any case, I hate to beg for yarn. I don't want to go on yarn welfare. However, I did have this thought that folks trying to weed out their stash should donate stash they absolutely detest and don't want to touch (if there is such kind of stash).
I have a ton of projects in mind, but after I finish SG's present, I wouldn't mind tackling a backpack in SnB (the first book-Punk Rock Backpack), or perhaps....maybe....possibly.....
a very simple sweater.

5:31 AM  
Blogger Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

I think podcasts for new knitters is a GREAT idea! You can pick up cute yarn (yea, I know it ain't the greatest quality) at A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby, Michael's is last choice....but when money is an issue it's a good alternative. H@ll, I would knit with dental floss if there was nothing else!! LOL!!

8:01 AM  

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