Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Arrested Knitting

Whoever said knitting socks was quick and easy, and a good way to get the 'Oh, I accomplished something!' feeling, LIED.


Knitting fancy shmancy socks with sock yarn and teeny tiny needles that break is NOT easy NOR quick. In fact, by the time I complete ONE sock, I am exhausted instead of relieved, and DREAD the process of the next sock.

Especially these socks.

Oh, Grumperina.


Why'd you do it?

Pictures forthcoming.

Teeny Tiny Non-Confrontational PostScript: If you write patterns and post them for free, you are automatically cool. However (and this goes for all knitting patterns), please be aware that many of us knitters are new to it, and desperately need very exact instructions, and so I offer this little bit of itty-bitty advice--the same advice my father gave me when it came to writing book reports. "Assume your readers know NOTHING and explain to them in VERY CLEAR INSTRUCTION."
I'm not sayin'. I'm just sayin'.