Monday, July 10, 2006

Dear Knitters

I have got to find another way to display my finished objects without completely making a fool of myself. So far, engineering self-portraits involves me, a mirror, a camera, and a squinty look of self-loathing. Ach.
Regardless, here is the drop stitch vest in its completion. Now, it didn't turn out as nice as the book's picture, but that's okay. I did it. I finished that stockinette and I lived to tell you about it. There are lots of mistakes in this vest, mostly because I have no idea what 'reverse shaping' means.
Thanks to Paige for coming to the rescue on that.

Holy crap my boobs look huge, yes?
Anyway, this wasn't DELIGHFUL to knit, entirely, but I can say that for the very first piece of clothing, I am more than pleased. I might actually pull this knitting thing off believably.

Onward to the shrug. One day, I'm going to put all this stuff on at once: scarves, shawls, vests, shrugs and hats. I'll be the knitted fairy godmother.

And what is knitting without a work station? Here, you can see the lovely needle holder my good friend and fellow SnB'er crafted for me. She is an incredible seamstress, so this needle pouch means so much to me, as it is useful, pretty, and from a friend.

Now: I'm going back to the vest just to tidy up those last few spots....

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Blogger miss kendra said...

first completed objects are never exactly right- but i'm impressed! you're a knitting savant.

11:16 AM  
Blogger FRITZ said...

okay, that's totally kind coming from you, Miss Kendra, goddess of goodness

11:00 AM  

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